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An Introduction to Conversations

Conversations are the place where you chat to your customers. Each new customer will be assigned their own conversation - and the relevant people within your business can join that conversation to help that customer out.

The concept of a conversation is designed to be like that in the real world. It will have a "topic" (which we call a category), participants (the customer, and the staff in your business who it may pertain to), and all the context we can provide you about how this user got here, what they're looking at, and anything else we can gather to help let you know why they're here.

Example of a conversation

Conversations can originate on your own website, or through social media channels. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter where they came from, it matters more about your ability to help them out - and this is the power of Ralli. Your users don't need to belong to all these different platforms, or continuously check their phones any time there is a new query, they only get notified when it's a lead relevant to their expertise.

If you've used web-based chat platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, you will know how to work with a conversation on Ralli. In addition to sending text based messages, you can also upload attachments (video/pictures/documents) - allowing you to take photos of your inventory, or receive pictures from customers to help them diagnose issues/visualise what they're talking about.

Anatomy of a Conversation

When you're ready, read our article on navigating a conversation to get a deep-dive on conversations and how they'll work for your business.