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Glossary of Terms

Here's a list of the terms we use throughout the support pages and what we mean by them.

These may differ from what is used in the terms and conditions, and privacy policy. These support pages are designed to be more human-friendly (i.e. the terms here do not override or change the definition of those found in the platform legal definitions).

Customer - refers to your customers/users engaging through the Ralli plugins in Facebook or on your own website.

Staff/users - people within your business who are users of the Ralli platform and use Ralli's website or mobile apps.

Chat plugin - the little speech bubble plugin in the bottom right hand corner of the page. Ralli provides its own version, and there is one we officially support from Facebook which one you wish to use is up to you!

Conversation - a conversation is between one of your customers and any number of your staff. A conversation is started by a customer when the click through to one of your Messaging Channels.

Messaging Channels - a place where one of the Ralli integrations live. Right now, this is either on your Facebook page (and customers talk to you on Ralli via Facebook Messenger), or on your own website(s) (like the chat plugin in the bottom right hand corner of this page).

Category - a category is a chat topic about a conversation. Customers can triage themselves into pre-defined categories (or you can assign them at any point), and your staff can subscribe to categories relevant to them (i.e. the person selling BMW's needn't be interrupted about Toyota's).